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Archive for April 2018

Your Instagram friends

Social media is such a weird animal.  We create profiles of what we want people to see of our lives and post regularly in hopes of acceptance.  Sometimes I wish things could rewind before social media was created.  Back to a simpler life where we couldn’t just sit for hours and feed our screen addiction. …

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5 Easy Tips On Staying Organized

You wake up. The dishes are piled high, toys all over the living room, pull-ups/diapers dispersed throughout the house, laundry to fold for days, why even get out of bed?! When I wake up in the morning and have to play “catch up” from the day before, my Feng shui is out the window and…

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What No One Told You About Having Twins

There I was, 8 months pregnant with twins. The days were long and the nights were longer.  I couldn’t sleep anymore, couldn’t pee with out my legs going numb, my ankles were so swollen I could shed a tear just thinking about it ( literally scared my pedicurist when I removed my boots), I had…

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