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Let me introduce myself,

My name is Catrina. I have fraternal twin boys via one round of fertility medication and one singleton who was a miracle baby boy born 2.5 years after the twins.  I absolutely love being a #boymom! They are my world. Life is insane right now because the twins are 3 and baby is 8 months. Having 3 kids at young ages is no joke! Life consists of 90% preparing to leave the house, loading in and out of car seats and 10% actually going where you needed to go to turn around and do it all over again! I dream of the day where we all walk to the car without having to mess with car seats.

I am a stay at home mom and love being able to stay home with my babies.  But I feel like I'm meant for more than just being a Mom. For so long I prided myself in not being a "people person", staying comfortable, and doing what was easy for me. I'm at a time in my life where I'm feeling a calling to connect with people. I have been stagnant and comfortable for way too long! I'm ready to do something that gets me out of my comfort zone.  Something that leads to growth and change. That's where Young Living has come into play for me!

I have become an advocate to help people get healthy. There are so many people out there pushing eating right and working out ( which is so important!) but that's not all that contributes to a healthy life style. Never in a million years ( maybe a hundred million) did I ever think I'd become involved with an "MLM" company. I just never had the personality for it and was not about to hunt down my friends and family. But I have learned that isn't what it's about. It's about connecting, loving, and educating people.

I'm super active and love training for races ( half marathons/triathlon events)I love structure and fast pace most of the time.  That is part of the reason why I started this blog.  I want to connect with people. I want other moms to know they aren't alone in this crazy thing called motherhood. My goal is to share with you tips and tricks I learn along the way.