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How to Enjoy A Family Vacation

how to enjoy a family vacation

You’ve saved. Hustled. Waited. Its finally here! That longed after vacation you’ve fought so hard for. For some reason, when we think of vacation we imagine it being this magical experience where no one barfs or poops. Or throws tantrums, comes down with a virus, or has bad moods. Everything is going to be perfect…

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Toxin-Free Home Tips

Do I really have toxic chemicals in my home? Ok. You’ve learned about all the horrible things in household products and you’re traumatized. Where do I even start? Do I throw everything away and start fresh? But that’s so expensive! I hear you sister. I’ve been there. I was basically freaking out when I learned…

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Your Best Skin Tips

essential oils and skincare

My skin routine changes often, but one thing that doesn’t change is using essential oils. I always have some combination of oils on my skin before bed. Literal M-A-G-I-C on my skin. If you want your skin to glow like never before, keep reading.   I start my mornings with the orange blossom face wash…

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Are You Stealing Your Own Joy?

negative self talk spark joy

Stealing our own joy has been a big topic in our house recently. For us it was complaining all winter that there’s nothing to do because the weather was so bad.  Now we’re stressing about all that Spring holds because we have so much going on. Isn’t that all I wanted all Winter was to…

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Essential Oil Traveling List

traveling with essential oils trip

You never know what cards you’re going to get dealt when you’re traveling. This simplified list of oils covers all the bases.  PAIN: This is a blend of panaway+copaiba. I almost always have tension in my neck and this eases it right up. I apply it to my neck and the rest is history! I also…

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Why Do I Hate Working Out?

hate working out

You’ve started “working out” a million times. You’ve had countless gym memberships. You can never keep it a long-term thing in your life. I’ll never forget the first mile I ran freshman year in high school. I had never run a mile on purpose in my life. It was the most grooling 12 minutes of…

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3 Easy Steps In Cutting Sugar From Your Diet

What’s healthy and what’s not healthy can be a blur these days. There are enough diets and opinions out there to confuse anyone!  One thing I do know is sugar isn’t good for you. In fact, it’s actually labeled an anti-nutrient.  It can wreak havoc on your digestive system ( one big reason we cut…

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What Is Your Limiting Belief?

We all limit ourselves by the way we talk in our own heads. Negative self talk is speaking death over our own lives. I’m not, I’ll never, I wish, if only. We need to stop predespositioning ourselves for failure. We need to stop living in the space of never being able to measure up or…

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The Ultimate Trailer Camping Checklist

The Ultimate Trailer Camping Checklist. Camping season is an exciting time for our family. But every time its time to reload the trailer I feel like I have to think wayyy to hard about what we really need. This is our list, it’s been pretty fool proof for us so far! I keep the trailer…

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The Reality Of Spiritual Warfare

  Spiritual warfare. Two words that make some Christians get out their voodoo torches and say, “no thanks, this isn’t for me”. “I’ll just believe in Jesus without having to deal with that stuff.” That was me for a long time.  It is an uncomfortable subject to wrap your brain around if you never have…

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