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Toxin-Free Home Tips

Do I really have toxic chemicals in my home? Ok. You’ve learned about all the horrible things in household products and you’re traumatized. Where do I even start? Do I throw everything away and start fresh? But that’s so expensive! I hear you sister. I’ve been there. I was basically freaking out when I learned…

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Your Best Skin Tips

essential oils and skincare

My skin routine changes often, but one thing that doesn’t change is using essential oils. I always have some combination of oils on my skin before bed. Literal M-A-G-I-C on my skin. If you want your skin to glow like never before, keep reading.   I start my mornings with the orange blossom face wash…

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Essential Oil Traveling List

traveling with essential oils trip

You never know what cards you’re going to get dealt when you’re traveling. This simplified list of oils covers all the bases.  PAIN: This is a blend of panaway+copaiba. I almost always have tension in my neck and this eases it right up. I apply it to my neck and the rest is history! I also…

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Essential Oils And Your Emotions

Can essential oils really play a role in emotional support?  I was a skeptic at first. But the science behind it is what really captured my attention. Did you know that you actually carry emotions in different parts of your body? Worry is stored in your stomach. (Ever get that nervous feeling before public speaking?)…

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