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Social Media

How Social Media Has Rewired Your Brain

Everyone has done it. You deactivated your Facebook for a reason. You deleted your IG app off your phone because you needed a break. There’s a reason.  How has social media rewired your brain? For a generation who constantly has to be connected at all times, we are more disconnected than we’ve ever been. Social…

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Instagram and Facebook 2019 glitch

Why can’t I login to Instagram? Why can’t I post on Facebook? I can’t comment or like posts on Instagram! Why won’t my Instagram load? Widespread panic to many Instagram and Facebook users who can’t access their social media pages. It’s not just you. Facebook and Instagram shut down and we cant post about it!…

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Your Instagram friends

Social media is such a weird animal.  We create profiles of what we want people to see of our lives and post regularly in hopes of acceptance.  Sometimes I wish things could rewind before social media was created.  Back to a simpler life where we couldn’t just sit for hours and feed our screen addiction. …

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