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3 Easy Steps In Cutting Sugar From Your Diet

What’s healthy and what’s not healthy can be a blur these days. There are enough diets and opinions out there to confuse anyone! 

One thing I do know is sugar isn’t good for you. In fact, it’s actually labeled an anti-nutrient.  It can wreak havoc on your digestive system ( one big reason we cut it, we’re a family of upset tummies), brain, liver, hormones, basically your entire body. I had been feeling convicted about our sugar intake and wanted to go sugar-free for a long time.

When I say “sugar free” I more so mean 25 grams or less in a day. Because let’s be real, it’s in everything. And there’s a reason for that. IT’S HELLA ADDICTIVE! And it’s a cheap substance that makes things taste good. So of course that’s going to be taken advantage of by the majority of food companies out there who want to make the big bucks. 

If you’re intimidated by cutting sugar, fear not! Here are 3 things that helped us reduce our sugar intake: 

  1. Find a great substitute. Don’t tell yourself sweets are gone for good. No one could do that (at least not me).

 Monkfruit has been my favorite substitute by a long shot. The conversion is the exact same as sugar. No confusing measurements with baking. No weird after tastes in drinks.

At first I got overwhelmed because I was buying the unsweetened version of what I could and the kids didn’t want anything to do with it. Now I just add a little bit of monkfruit or honey on top and they gobble it right down! So that’s felt really good.

  1. Ditch the candy. I know, I know. But seriously. I can’t sit down and eat a whole bag of sour patch kids like I used to with a good conscience. 

They make monkfruit sweetened chocolate that’s actually amazing that totally curbs my need for something sweet. And having more fruits on hand. A bowl of berries curbs my sweet tooth. But that’s not always easy to keep on hand. There are also a ton of “sweets” you can make without sugar and you’d never know. 

  1. Pay attention to labels. When we think “sugar” usually we think of sweets. But what about your favorite BBQ or teriyaki sauce? Loaded with enough sugar to wipe out two days worth of your sugar intake. 

The amount of sugar that is in everyday food is absurd and it makes me mad. We make our own BBQ and teriyaki sauce with monkfruit at home. 

Don’t feel like you have to read labels forever. Reading them in the beginning just educates you on where sugar is hidden. If you don’t educate yourself you’ll just keep blindly eating things that you think are ok. 

And don’t freak out when your kids go to a birthday party and want some birthday cake. Or tell the fam you’re never going out for ice cream again. 

We limit our sugar intake at home so we can enjoy ourselves on special occasions. The good thing is you recognize it’s bad and want to do better. Changing your daily habits is what makes the difference. 

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