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Your Instagram friends

Social media is such a weird animal.  We create profiles of what we want people to see of our lives and post regularly in hopes of acceptance.  Sometimes I wish things could rewind before social media was created.  Back to a simpler life where we couldn’t just sit for hours and feed our screen addiction.  The days where you had to put forth a decent effort to know that so and so had their first baby. The days where you didn’t lay back to back in bed with your spouse. The days where you didn’t ignore your kids while you scroll through social media. It’s just another thing we have in our life we have to find balance for.  If finding balance in life wasn’t hard enough!

With that said, there is a good side too. One of my favorite things about social media, Instagram in particular, is the opportunity to meet amazing people. You know the ones I’m talking about.  Those fiercely supportive cheer leaders you feel blessed to talk to every day. The ones that make you laugh at your phone like a crazy person. The ones you feel an unspoken connection to and love watching where life takes them.  You love watching their babies grow, cheer them on when exciting things happen in their life, and connect on day-to-day struggles.  I have a whole bunch of these women and I’m so thankful for them! It becomes so natural that we chat throughout the week.  Even though we’re hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles apart.  It feels like we should be able to get our kids together for a play date or go grab coffee to catch up.  They pop up in conversation with my “real life” humans I talk to in person.  “This girl I talk to on Instagram all the time…” They somehow become apart of your life in the most subtle way. That is the cool thing about Instagram.  You never know who is going to pop into your life next.

Everyone wants to find their “niche” within Instagram.  It can be down right hard to navigate and discouraging at times.  So many eyes looking at you. I find myself second guessing all the time when I make a new post.  Will they find this relatable? Do I have it edited to perfection?  Having this little team of friends supporting me throughout my journey gives me reassurance that I’m going alright.  And I love being able to do the same for them!

Another one of my favorite things about Instagram is being able to be a light in a very dark world.  No matter how perfect our feeds are, I know everyone is going through something.  Everyone has passed hurts. Family drama. Work drama.  Health issues. Loss. Grief. We all go through things we wouldn’t dream of sharing online.   I feel so lucky that I have a group of people I get to speak life to everyday.


  1. michellebuske on April 23, 2018 at 5:08 pm

    Such an accurate depiction of social media. We like to “pamper” our posts and make our lives look acceptable to the world. I love that you are real, it’s easy to connect with you because you don’t create some fake life and present it to the world as if it is true. Thanks for reminding me to find balance also! Life is just too full sometimes and we need to unplug and take a breath! Keep it real! <3

    • Mommy Truth on April 23, 2018 at 6:31 pm

      Thank you!! You are too sweet! I try my hardest to be real. And I’m speaking to the choir here. I struggle with putting my phone down and not letting my head get consumed with what’s going on behind closed apps! Life is too short to be stuck under the weight of social media. Keeping it real always ????

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