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Essential Oil Traveling List

You never know what cards you’re going to get dealt when you’re traveling. This simplified list of oils covers all the bases. 

Traveling with essential oils

  • PAIN: This is a blend of panaway+copaiba. I almost always have tension in my neck and this eases it right up. I apply it to my neck and the rest is history! I also use it for minor head aches, apply it to your temples and back of neck for relief.
  • PEPPERMINT: Because upset tummies come on quick. Whether you ate too much or something made you nauseous. This one is asked for all the time in my house. And boy does it make a difference! We apply it right to our tummies (Or I’ll take it internally in a veggie capsule!). We also huffed it and applied to the back of our neck in the car when we were all a little car sick and it made a huge difference. It has a cooling menthol effect when applied to the skin so it’s very soothing for nausea
  • RAVEN: My “breathe” roller blend has helped me keep my air ways open during my nasty cold. I roll it in the palm of my hands, cup my nose and breathe deep! I also apply it to my neck and chest.( blend of eucalyptus, ravintsara, wintergreen, peppermint, lemon)
  • DRAGON TIME: This one stays with me because your period can grace you at any time and sometimes that dragon needs to be tamed. It takes the edge off that “I’m going to lose my mind” feeling and tames period aches. I put it on the back of my neck and right onto my abdomen.
  • LAVENDER: Skin irritations of all sorts can happen pretty easily when you’re camping. Lavender is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. I tend it break out when we’re traveling and this is part of a trio of oils I use when my skin decides to have a mind of its own. I also love it to put on the kids chest after a long day of activities. 
  • TEA TREE: This one can be used to ward off bugs and is part of my face routine when my skin face is breaking out. 
  • FRANKINCENSE: I love it on my face, it’s the last of the face saver trio ( lavender, tea tree, and Frank in the palm of my hand undiluted helps so much) 
  • STRESS AWAY: Traveling with kiddos can be stressful. Sometimes I can get too focused on the minor stresses and not look at the big picture and really enjoy what we’re doing.


Someone is going to have to pee 5 minutes after we started driving down the road and the kids will likely burn through all their clothes the first few days of our trip because kids are kids. Sometimes I just need to remind myself it’s ok.  

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