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Essential Oils And Your Emotions

Can essential oils really play a role in emotional support?  I was a skeptic at first. But the science behind it is what really captured my attention. Did you know that you actually carry emotions in different parts of your body?

Worry is stored in your stomach. (Ever get that nervous feeling before public speaking?)

Grief is stored in your lungs. ( Have you ever experienced something so gut wrenching that it took your breath away?)

Stress is stored in your heart.

Anger is stored in your liver and gallbladder.

Fear is stored in your kidneys.

For whatever reason, when I first read that It was hard for me to believe.  Then I really started to think about it, and it makes a lot of sense to me now.

Internalizing your emotions plays an effect on your health.  Sometimes without even realizing it. Six months ago we didn’t know if my mother-in-law was going to make it.  There was a freak thing that happen with what was supposed to be an outpatient surgery that turned into weeks in the hospital and 5 blood transfusions. Around two weeks after she was finally able to go home, my father-in-law’s blood pressure sky rocketed, he felt faint, and rushed to the ER.  All to come to find it was all caused by stress.  He was overwhelmed with so many emotions of almost loosing his wife to watching her long road to recovery, that his body physically was overwhelmed.

I’m sure you can picture a time in your life when stress physically overwhelmed you.  Things that happen in our minds can take a toll on our physical body.  I experienced multiple panic attacks growing up.  I am a thinker, over analyzer, and people pleaser.  For me that was a recipe for panic attacks as a child who didn’t always know how to process thoughts and emotions.  I got so overwhelmed my body literally shut down.  I couldn’t wish a panic attack on my worst enemy.  It’s the most crippling experience.

All of that to say, our thought life plays a huge role in our health.

Ok, so how do EO’s actually help with all that?

Lets talk about our Limbic System for a minute.  This is the emotional hub in our brain.  Within that hub is where our emotions processor lives ( aka our amygdala). Smell is the only sense that activates the limbic system, which is why inhaling essential oils is so powerful!  Have you ever smelled something that brought you back 15 years ago to your grandmas living room? Woah! De  ja vu! That is how powerfully smell is connected to your brain.  It takes just over 20 seconds for EO’s to reach your brain after inhaling them, 2-3 minutes after applying topically, and after 20 minutes they have affected every cell in your body!

We all know we are made up of millions of cells.  And that’s how our body functions, information sent from one cell to the other via receptor sites.  Bad emotions actually damage receptor sites, ( along with exposure to endocrine disruptors, processed foods/GMOs and environmental pollution)  making it hard for information to be sent from one cell to the next. We obviously want our cells to be healthy, malfunctioning cells is how disease starts.

That’s where EO’s come into play!

Essential oils actually clean and repair damaged receptor sites.

Essential oils are made up of monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, and phenols. Each oil is predominately more of one or the other, for example: EOs high in phenols are the cleaners and repairers. ( clove, cinnamon bark, and peppermint, to name a few)

Essential oils made up of predominately sesquiterpenes help bring more oxygen to the brain, This helps our brain work as it should. Hello emotional support! ( frankincense, lavender, cedarwood, etc)

Using essential oils daily (with safety and common sense in mind) can do nothing but benefit your body, mind, and soul.  Everyone needs emotional support at one time or another.  Essential oils are a tool to be utilized to help us in so many ways.

Here are some blends to use when you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed (head to the link to see the oils they are made up of, too long to list here)


White Angelica




Stress Away

Peace & Calming


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