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How Going ” Toxin-Free” With Essential Oils Truly Depends On The Company You Choose

I had always been somewhat aware of the bad stuff in almost every cosmetic, household cleaner, and air freshener.  For some reason it didn’t matter enough for me to research because if it was “that bad” they couldn’t be on store shelves.  It’s amazing what the US allows to be in products without having to put a warning at the front of the label, “ENDOCRINE DISRUPTOR” ” MAY CAUSE BODILY HARM”! ANYTHING would be better than nothing.  But instead, we blindly continue to slather our bodies in known carcinogens and endocrine distruptors. My goal is to encourage you to do your own research. Go to your bathroom and pick up your favorite foundation/cosmetic and google the ingredients. Or download the “ThinkDirty” app and start scanning away.  ( that’s what I did and was horrified with what I found).

This was a foundation I had used for years. I got compliments on it all the time. But if I would have known then what I know now I would have thrown it in the trash. I started using foundation in my young teenage years to help cover acne ( like so many girls do) and my mom had no idea what I was putting on my skin. It’s so important as parents to be educated on what our children are being exposed to.

I have PCOS (polysystic ovarian syndrome) and struggled to get pregnant for years. All that time I was stepping on my own feet because I wasn’t paying attention to what I was putting on my body. Endocrine disruptors are known to mimic estrogen, androgens, and thyroid hormones. Roughly 5 million women have PCOS in the US and there is still no “known cause”. I can tell you one thing, putting something on your body that mimics your reproductive hormones isn’t going to help. I feel like using products for years that are known to mess with your hormones has to attribute to it all to some extent.

Living a healthy life is determined by every single choice you make throughout your day. Day by day, choice by choice, can either contribute to life, or disease. It’s not just the food you eat and how much exercise you get that contributes to a healthy life style, ( obviously two extremely important things!). But what you may not realize, is what you put on your body, what you clean with, and what you are breathing in your home. That matters just as much, if not more! The air you breathe inside your home can be 5-10 times more polluted than outside air! This is because homes are not adequately ventilated to use extremely harsh chemicals on a day to day basis. So every product you use in your home, stays in your home for you to breathe in.

I have made a huge step in my family’s health by eliminating almost every toxic item in my house and replacing them with essential oils. Essential oils have been a game changer for us. I can’t keep quiet about them because everyone should have them in their home! I wish I knew about them years ago. I am a huge advocate for toxin free-living, and its so easy to accomplish! It’s not about spending an insane amount of money on “organic” products.  So many things can be done yourself with the help of essential oils.
Along with replacing toxic items in your home, they are an amazing addition to your wellness regiment.  Essential oils can support your immune system, endocrine system, muscles, integumentary system, healthy brain function, every body system can be supported by essential oils!  I have taken it upon myself to reach as many people as I can to learn what they are living with in their house everyday. Just like we take multivitamins and vitamin C to help support our immune systems, essential oils should be apart of that.  They are a necessity for wellness support.  If I help just one person that reads my blog, all of my time and energy was worth it!  After researching essential oils, I finally found a company I trust and have the best quality oils you can buy.

When you’re considering using essential oils, that means you want to replace the toxic stuff in your house. That brings me to how important it is that you research the company you intend on buying from.  Some of the extraction methods used to make those oils are no less toxic than what you already have in your house.

There are four types of oils you can buy:

  1. Grade A – Therapeutic Grade- this is made from organic plants and are distilled at low temperatures. This is important because when you over heat plant matter, it destroys it. For example, If you distill Cypress oil at the perfect temperature it has 288 chemical constituents. If you distill it at 10 degrees too warm or 10 degrees too cool, it has 11 chemical constituents.
  2. Grade B – Food Grade- They can contain synthetics, pesticides, fertilizers, chemical extenders, and carrier oils. Why does this matter? If you eat an apple that’s not organic, you’re eating one apple. If you use for example, rose oil that’s been sprayed with pesticides/fertilizers, it takes 60 thousand rose blossoms to make one ounce of essential oil.  The concentration of those pesticides would be at an alarming rate. It’s simply not safe to consume an oil when the whole crop has been sprayed with pesticides and fertilizers.
  3. Grade C – They often contain adulterating chemicals.  They will use a solvent like hexane so they get a higher yield at harvest. Hexane has been banned in many countries except ours and it has a direct link to cancer. So if you open up a store bought essential oil and it has alcohol scent to it, that’s hexane.
  4. Grade D – Floral Water- This is a byproduct of Grade A distillation. It’s the trash water used from the distillation process. It smells amazing! But that’s about it. It doesn’t do anything for you.  That ” trash water” is then sold and other ” essential oils” companies, but 10% of the trash water in the bottle and the rest carrier oil.  It is simply not the same thing.

It’s so crazy to me when “healthy living” families see the benefit of buying only the best grass-fed beef and not mechanically processed meats and then buy oils that are made with chemical solvents because they are ” cheaper”.

That 15$ bottle of frankincense at the natural food store says the exact same thing on the label as the purest bottle of essential oils on the market. There is no way of knowing what you are buying unless you research the company. Making Frankincense is an extremely hard process and that’s why its so expensive.  If you’re buying a cheap bottle of frankincense its because the company cut major corners. Then there’s lemon oil for example is made my cold pressing the reins of the lemon and it’s a much easier process which is why its an 11$ bottle.

When looking to buy essential oils for you family, I recommend these 3 things when making your decision.

  1. Does the company own their own farms? Do they use pesticides on those farms? Because if they do, that’s going to be in your oil bottle that you’re inhaling or rubbing on your body.
  2. Do they allow you to go to those farms to see the process done for yourself?
  3. Does the company have policies in place to ensure only the purest oils are being sold? This would be some kind of third party testing.

Do the research.  To benefit from essential oils as a part of your wellness regiment they have to be of the purest quality.  Don’t settle for anything but the best if you goal is to truly be toxin free.




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