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Toxin-Free Home Tips

Do I really have toxic chemicals in my home?

Ok. You’ve learned about all the horrible things in household products and you’re traumatized.

Where do I even start?

Do I throw everything away and start fresh? But that’s so expensive!

I hear you sister. I’ve been there.

I was basically freaking out when I learned all my household cleaners, cosmetics, and soaps were out to poison my family.

I was downright mad that there aren’t higher standards for the ingredients we put in household products

Here is a list of common household chemicals 

There are so many ingredients to be aware of due to cancer-causing properties:

  • Aluminum
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • TALC
  • Parabens


and more. These are found in so many common household products and should be avoided as much as possible for more healthful alternatives.

How do i know what items could have chemicals in my home?

Here is a list of toxic items in your home

  • Dryer sheets ( click here to see why they’re terrible)
  • Bleach
  • Windex ( basically every traditional household cleaner)
  • Toilet bowl Cleaner
  • Fabreeze
  • Air fresheners
  • Air Plug-ins
  • Candles
  • Chemical sunscreens ( zinc oxide is the only safe ingredient)
  • Cosmetics (talc, bismuth, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, nanoparticles, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colorants, or cheap synthetic fibers is what you don’t want)
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Body soap
  • Lotion
  • Perfume/cologne
  • deodorant


How do I start incorporating more natural products?

You really don’t have to throw everything out and buy all new. ( unless you have the budget for it, have a trash can party girl!) You have gained the most priceless piece of knowledge now that you want to do better for your family. And that’s all that matters. Use up what you have and start making better choices from now on. 

What is greenwashing?

How do I know what to buy from now on? As you learn about safer products, there is one big thing you have to be careful of, and it’s called “green washing.” Big box companies start selling “organic” products by advertising with misleading packaging to make the consumer think it’s safe, when its not. Safe products are becoming exceedingly popular and everyone wants to make some money off of it.  Really do your research on the company first. One red flag is if you call the company and ask for a complete ingredient list and they won’t do give it to you.

Why fragrance is bad in products

 You want to stay far away from synthetic fragrance when you’re looking for clean products and this is why. In 1976, Congress passed the Toxic Substance Control Act which grandfather in between 63,000 – 100,000 chemicals that were on the market. These chemicals were grandfathered in, without any testing, and are simply unregulated. Today, only about 50% of the chemicals on the market have been subject to any chemical testing at all. Under this act, manufacturers are protected by trade secret laws, so that they do not even have to post what ingredients are in their products. If you go look at a bottle of household cleaner, you may be surprised to see that they only list a small percentage of the ingredients in the bottle.⁣

I can’t afford all natural products

While I LOVE my clean products, sometimes it doesn’t fit the budget to buy everything 100% clean and organic. Here is a list of items I try and prioritize:

  • dry shampoo
  • household cleaner
  • body wash
  • handsoap 
  • “most” cosmetics
  • skincare
  • deodorant
  • lotion

Start with what you can afford, that’s all you can do. I like to prioritize things that I am being exposed to most frequently. 

Chemical free household cleaner

Thieves is a very affordable cleaner. I’ve been using it for years now and can’t imagine not using it. 

It replaced all the cleaners I owned under my sink. It’s super inexpensive and works on everything from toilets, greasy stoves, to carpet stains. Thieves comes in a concentrate and lasts forever. 

You can grab the kit I got here. You’ll be redirected to Young Living’s site:

Follow the directions once you get there. 


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