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Catrina Lynn

Welcome to Mommytruth! This is a place I share my heart and some of my favorite things.

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How Social Media Has Rewired Your Brain

By Mommy Truth | March 22, 2019

Everyone has done it. You deactivated your Facebook for a reason. You deleted your IG app off your phone because you needed a break. There’s a reason.  How has social media rewired your brain? For a generation who constantly has to be connected at all times, we are more disconnected than we’ve ever been. Social…

Three Things Intuitive Eating Isn’t

By Mommy Truth | March 20, 2019

  1. Intuitive eating isn’t a diet. You’re not counting calories or entering things in your phone like a crazy person. What you are doing is listening to your body. Are you hungry? Eat. Are you full? Stop. Are you bored and browsing the pantry? Half of the time when I do this it’s because…

Why I’m Not Happy

By Mommy Truth | March 18, 2019

If we only had 500 more dollars in our monthly budget, we’d be doing really well.  Once we have a new couch it’ll be so much nicer to be in our living room.  If I had a really nice tool box to go in the garage it would make it so much cleaner in there.…

Instagram and Facebook 2019 glitch

By Mommy Truth | March 13, 2019

Why can’t I login to Instagram? Why can’t I post on Facebook? I can’t comment or like posts on Instagram! Why won’t my Instagram load? Widespread panic to many Instagram and Facebook users who can’t access their social media pages. It’s not just you. Facebook and Instagram shut down and we cant post about it!…

More Than Just A Stay At Home Mom

By Mommy Truth | March 8, 2019

Another diaper change, another tantrum to tame, another load of laundry to fold, another meal to make, another day.  Is that all we do? Is that all I’m meant for? Lets change that tone. I get to change my own child’s diaper, I get to walk them through emotional distress, I get to keep my…

Essential Oils And Your Emotions

By Mommy Truth | May 6, 2018

Can essential oils really play a role in emotional support?  I was a skeptic at first. But the science behind it is what really captured my attention. Did you know that you actually carry emotions in different parts of your body? Worry is stored in your stomach. (Ever get that nervous feeling before public speaking?)…

Your Instagram friends

By Mommy Truth | April 23, 2018

Social media is such a weird animal.  We create profiles of what we want people to see of our lives and post regularly in hopes of acceptance.  Sometimes I wish things could rewind before social media was created.  Back to a simpler life where we couldn’t just sit for hours and feed our screen addiction. …

Where MommyTruth has been published

By Mommy Truth | April 17, 2018

The article can be found here.

5 Easy Tips On Staying Organized

By Mommy Truth | April 15, 2018

You wake up. The dishes are piled high, toys all over the living room, pull-ups/diapers dispersed throughout the house, laundry to fold for days, why even get out of bed?! When I wake up in the morning and have to play “catch up” from the day before, my Feng shui is out the window and…

What No One Told You About Having Twins

By Mommy Truth | April 8, 2018

There I was, 8 months pregnant with twins. The days were long and the nights were longer.  I couldn’t sleep anymore, couldn’t pee with out my legs going numb, my ankles were so swollen I could shed a tear just thinking about it ( literally scared my pedicurist when I removed my boots), I had…