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What Is Your Limiting Belief?

We all limit ourselves by the way we talk in our own heads. Negative self talk is speaking death over our own lives. I’m not, I’ll never, I wish, if only. We need to stop predespositioning ourselves for failure. We need to stop living in the space of never being able to measure up or being good enough to reach our goals. We need to stop comparing ourselves to other people.

Think of something that would be your dream. Your ultimate goal. Whether it be a business venture or where you’d like to be financially in 5 years.  I bet you could give me tons of reasons why you won’t make it and a few reasons why you might. Some limiting beliefs we have and don’t really realize it. What if I actually make it to my goal? Will I be able to handle what comes next? Some of us are working toward something right now and not really believing we’ll make it, or are subconciously afraid to make it.

Limiting beliefs come in all shapes and sizes. I’ll share some of mine to put it in perspective.

You’ll never stop yelling at your kids.

You’ll always loose your temper on them.

You’ll never be a successful business woman.

You’ll never have your finances together because you’re not good with money.

You’ll never stop, You’ll always loose, you’ll never be, you’ll never have. That’s what setting yourself up to fail in those areas of your life looks like. And most of the time it goes unnoticed. We mess up, then speak death, things don’t go as planned, we speak death, over and over and over. And wonder why we feel like were running in circles.

So much to healing your limiting beliefs first comes with acknowledging they’re there. Once we realize the damage we’re doing to ourselves then it’s time to change your words. The power of words isn’t upfront and in our minds as often as it should be. Think about the big thing in your life right now. That thing you’ve been working on or dreaming of. There’s no reason why that can’t become a reality. There’s no reason why you can’t stop yelling at your kids. There’s no reason why you can’t change your spending habits. There’s no reason why that business dream can’t come true. Start speaking life over yourself when you need it most. Speak life over today and the future.

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