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How Social Media Has Rewired Your Brain

Everyone has done it. You deactivated your Facebook for a reason. You deleted your IG app off your phone because you needed a break. There’s a reason.  How has social media rewired your brain?

For a generation who constantly has to be connected at all times, we are more disconnected than we’ve ever been. Social media gives us a false sense of connection. We know what’s going on in each others lives without even having to talk to one another. That same desire we once had to reach out to people when you finally see them isn’t as strong. I mean, I know what you had for lunch yesterday but I haven’t heard your voice in two years. It makes seeing each other in person awkward almost.  So we just go on watching each others lives from a distance because it’s more comfortable that way.

We live in a time where we have to put forth more of an effort to connect in real life. It’s easier than ever to recluse yourself from community while still having the illusion of being connected. It’s no wonder depression, anxiety, and suicides are at an all time high. We are relational beings and the world has never had to deal with this false sense of connection before.  How many of us out there even realize it? The hustle and bustle of life goes by and most won’t even realize where the loneliness is coming from.

How many of us suffer from phone addiction? Yes, I said suffer.  If you enter and exit all your social apps all to end up back at the first one, put your phone down, pick it up and do it all over again two minutes later. You might have a problem. It becomes an obsession, an impulsive obsession. Especially for those of us who manage social media platforms. We get obsessed with how well a post is performing, we have to respond to “DMs” in a timely matter, we have to respond to comments. What if a post isn’t performing well?

Take the weight off your shoulders. It’s ok to take a break. Reflect and reprioritize important relationships in your life. Acknowledge that false sense of connection and put an effort to connect in person. Realizing it’s there is half the battle.

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