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Instagram and Facebook 2019 glitch

Why can’t I login to Instagram? Why can’t I post on Facebook? I can’t comment or like posts on Instagram! Why won’t my Instagram load?

Widespread panic to many Instagram and Facebook users who can’t access their social media pages. It’s not just you. Facebook and Instagram shut down and we cant post about it! (go ahead and laugh) We have a right to panic. So many of us as Influencers and Content Creators put so much time and effort to grow our social media following. The thought that we are all dependent upon one platform is a scary thought.

While it may seem like the world is ending as we know it, go get a cup of coffee and enjoy the world without being connected. Go spend time with family, stare in wonder over the beauty of the sky, walk down the street without feeling the need to be glued to your phone. Maybe this is a sign that everyone needs to disconnect. March 13th 2019, the day everyone finally put their phone down.


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