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More Than Just A Stay At Home Mom

Another diaper change, another tantrum to tame, another load of laundry to fold, another meal to make, another day.  Is that all we do? Is that all I’m meant for?

Lets change that tone. I get to change my own child’s diaper, I get to walk them through emotional distress, I get to keep my house in order, I get to cook healthy meals for my kids, I get to enjoy them another day.

There is such a common theme in stay at home Moms that we feel like we’re meant for something else other than what we’re doing. We feel blah, unmotivated, and overwhelmed. We feel if we aren’t contributing financially we aren’t really contributing. We day dream and wish we were somewhere else.  We live in this mental space that allows us to be unhappy with where we are in life. We over book ourselves, put time into something else, we grasp a straws to fill the void (or is that just me?).  Or we do nothing at all and live in this depression that this is our life now.

This overwhelming common theme of discontentment in stay at home moms is no coincidence. There is a very good reason, and it’s a scary one. The devil is hard at work to taint our kids childhood. He wants to fill our kids childhood with destruction, to make them feel like a second priority and make them feel the loneliness of a distracted mother.  He wants to shift our attention from our most important calling as Christian mothers, and that is to pour the love of Christ into our kids.

I fully believe we are called to community.  We as women are designed for relationship (weather you have wounds that need to heal before you enter those relationships is another article).  You are not meant to just sit at home and be a “good housewife”. Get involved in your church, get a part time job, do SOMETHING.  You need alone time. You need a hobby. You need to walk the isles of Target alone.  Raising kids is dang hard work and you need to take care of yourself to be able to be a good Mom.

We as Christian mothers need to pray against that feeling of discontentment. And we need to pray HARD. We will not allow the devil to instill this in our minds. We will not let him steal the precious years of our kids lives because we were wishing we were somewhere else.

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