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Why I’m Not Happy

If we only had 500 more dollars in our monthly budget, we’d be doing really well.  Once we have a new couch it’ll be so much nicer to be in our living room.  If I had a really nice tool box to go in the garage it would make it so much cleaner in there.

Isn’t that how so many of us think? We look at what we have and dream about what it would be like if we only had a little bit more. And then once we get a little bit more, we move onto the next thing that would be nice to have. We have this false sense of reality that once we get to XYZ, we’ll have arrived. We’re constantly trying to fill ourselves with things that in the end, only scratch the itch temporarily.


Don’t get me wrong, I love goals. I mean, I LOVE goals. And I think they are important, they keep you moving forward and help dial down your focus. There’s nothing wrong with day dreaming about what it’ll be like to reach that goal. The problem lies when we find ourselves trying to fill a hole that only the Lord can fill. We did this ( and still do, we get on autopilot and have to redirect ourselves often) for a good 6 years of our marriage. A good 6 years that we didn’t go to church ( because we had thought we’d been there and done that, and my husbands work schedule never made it easy) As our monthly pay check grew, so did the things that became necessity. “We can afford this condo now” “ with that extra 150$ we can get that car.”  We found ourselves in the exact same place we were before. We quickly became complacent with the thing we had dreamed about and put our sights on the next thing. After doing this over and over again, we finally figured out what we were doing.


As two people who grew up in the church, we thought we had heard it all and didn’t want to deal with”church people”. We thought we could get along just fine with believing in God and praying when we could remember to do it. Let me tell you, THIS IS NO WAY TO LIVE! If you want to live out the purpose God has for your life, ( because we all have a specific one) having that kind of mentality will get you nothing but constant searching, unsettledness, and unfullfillment.


We were built for community. We (especially us women) were built for relationship. And we were built for the presence of God. By not going to church it robs you of a Godly community, the presence of God, and a willing heart. You can make all the excuses in the world on why church isn’t for you, but that’s all they are is excuses. It robs you of a willing heart because if you aren’t willing to do what God calls us to do, that’s a place in your heart that needs work. Which means there are other things in your heart that are hurting.


Get in church, ask God where He wants you. What are His plans for you? Ask Him. He will answer you. Sometimes I think we forget that we can talk to God about anything. Get in the habit of having a conversation with God throughout the day.


If you want to find contentment with your life, align yourself with what the Bible tells us to do and you will find nothing more life fulfilling

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